Friday, June 3, 2011

Spotlight: Our intern Lizzi shares her experience at Woodmere

Hi, my name is Lizzi. I have been an intern at the Woodmere Art Museum for two years now. I thought I’d tell you about how I came to work here and my insider impressions as a Woodmere first timer with a photo tour of my typical Wednesday journey to and around the museum. Enjoy!


Let’s start off close to my first destination: The Crefeld School. I’ve been attending Crefeld since the start of my sophomore year and I’ll be graduating this June. Every student at Crefeld must complete two hours of mandatory community service work every week in order to graduate. I chose to contact Woodmere to see if there was anything I could do to help since it is undoubtedly an important part of the Chestnut Hill community.

I walked from Crefeld Street to Germantown Avenue, past the Chestnut Hill Presbyterian Church and its towering steeple

Woodmere is important to me because I’ve always had a passion for art, both as a creator and a spectator and it’s nice to have a small community art museum that has both variety and quality to explore without having to spend a whole day speed walking to see what there is to see.


Getting a little closer now, I pass this “barely clad” bear every week as he keeps watch over Norwood Academy.

It’s always a little intimidating going into a professional environment when you don’t even have a high school diploma. I was pretty much expecting dismal results. As a junior I was used to being talked down to and disrespected by adults and authority figures. But upon arrival to the Woodmere, all of my presumptions were quickly eradicated. Not only was I appreciated, I was respected and treated like part of the team, something incredibly special for someone my age.


Entering the museum, first galleries and art aficionados.

My first impression of the Museum was that it was completely different from any I’d visited before. As you walk through the doors it really feels like a house of art as opposed to a facility of stuffiness (an aura I’d encountered numerous times upon school trips to museums of all kinds.) No, there are no snobs to be found here. In fact, the staff is kind, helpful, and all seem to genuinely love art as well as contribute towards the success of the museum as a whole. Which makes the Woodmere all that more lovable.

My favorite room, the open space and natural lighting create a welcoming environment to wander and take in the art.

My time here has definitely earned me a whole new respect for art, small art museums, and the community of staff and volunteers working behind the scenes (as well as making me pretty handy with a spreadsheet). The Woodmere has easily become my favorite destination in Chestnut Hill and even as I prepare to leave for college, the museum and its inhabitants have a special warm fuzzy spot reserved in my mind. So I invite you to continue your photo exploration of the little house of art I’ve become a part of. Feel free to stop by and make yourself at home.


The Staff at Woodmere Art Museum thanks Lizzi for all her work and wishes her the best on her journey!

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  1. Lizzi is a fabulous student and community member, so it is no surprise that she is also a great intern! I loved reading this blog post and seeing more of her photography!

    Also, Woodmere has great art classes, as well! My daughters have taken classes over the years and have enjoyed the experience very much!

    Stacey Cunitz
    The Crefeld School